US Politics

US Politics

Some times people ask If you have proof of the points you make concerning politics.If you are like me you hear or read news from a variety of sources but don’t care to memorize what you have red or heard but have turning no Intention of turning news consumed to a book study. 

This page was born out of the intention for me to have things I read sored on a webpage that I can refer to from time to time.It will contain current affairs involving US politics. So here goes. By the way today is November 20,2020. 

Who Won the US Election 2020 ?

You may think the above question is ridiculous for Its simplicity but let me quickly point your attention to a poll that that shows 73% of republicans believe the election was stolen and majority of democrats believe Biden won fair and square. So why the divide between democrats and republicans.

Before the election Trump repeatedly told his supporters that If he loses the election It will be because the election was rigged,It can be argued that he knew he may lose the election but was looking for an excuse to explain why he lost.Blaming the loss on voter fraud sifts blame and responsibility for the loss on neferious activities rather than accepting that his inability to be truthful, his horrible attiude towards blacks and minorities , voter suppression attempts, Oh and covid 19 mishandling and misinformation ,among other things too numerous to mention doomed his presidency.

So Its 17 days after the election and here are some of the things that has happened so far.Their have been election disputes in many states but the major disputes have taken place in Georgia, Pennsylvania,Michigan,Wisconsin and Arizona .

In the state of Georgia Trump lost the popular vote the loss due to lots of black people coming out in Atlanta and surrounding area to vote for Biden in large numbers. Trump claimed that he lost due to Voter fraud and asked for a hand recount. The recount took place and Trump still lost. The Georgia secretary of state in charge of elections who happens to be a republican claimed the election was free and fair their was no evidence of voter fraud but Trump bad mouthed him and called him incompetent. many law suits were filed but the judges who happen to be republican said their is no evidence of voter fraud and If any evidence exits it should be presented. Of cause nothing was forth coming.

How time flies , Its End of May 31,2021

Joe Biden has been president for almost 6 months and the divide in the USA continues to widen. On one hand many Republicans want to believe that the election of November 2020 was stolen. Here are some question which any independent and objective person should answer. 

Trump and his campaign filed many lawsuits challenging results of the elections in many states. The suits were dismissed due to lack of credible and sensible evidence by JUDGES TRUMP APPOINTED . If the claims were credible many neutral observer. In many states where Trump lost the election the legislature ruled by manly republicans are auditing the election results and sowing doubt that Biden won the election fair and square and this in my opinion will lead to democrats also refusing to accept their presidential candidate has lost an election in the future.